WARHEAD™ story

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linear compensator/
muzzle brake story

The Warhead™ muzzle brake was designed to solve the number one complaint of muzzle brakes: muzzle blast and concussion being directed rearward, towards the shooter or their hunting partner, guide, spotter, or even other shooters at the range. The inspiration was to remove any unpleasantness of shooting and hunting so that the next generation of hunters and shooters would have the best possible experience. In order to accomplish this, the Warhead™ had to be different.

Although my three boys have always worn hearing protection, there was still the concussion that was directed towards them, and I passed on shooting, so they were not subjected to the muzzle blast concussion provided by my traditional muzzle brake.

Reviews of other muzzle brakes indicated no other muzzle brakes offered substantially different features, at least none that solved the issue of concussion to the shooter and those around.

This realization began the development of Warhead™. The goal was to design a Muzzle Brake that projected the muzzle blast and concussion forward of the shooter’s position in much the same way as a Linear Compensator BUT with the added feature of Projecting Port 360-degree Adjustable Nozzles.

Over three years of research and development resulted in the patent-pending features of Warhead™.

The non-traditional shape of Warhead™ drives the force of the muzzle blast onto the interior sides, resulting in less recoil. Then muzzle gasses exit the forward-facing Projecting Ports and Nozzles, allowing it to function in the same fashion as a linear compensator by pushing those gasses (and sound) down range.

The Warhead™ Projecting Port Nozzles are Adjustable and Interchangeable, which allows the shooter to make adjustments directionally so that the exiting muzzle blast keeps the barrel on-target, resulting in faster follow-up shots.